ICT Solutions

Rack & Cabinet Solutions

Our cabinets are designed & built to offer a distinct choice for the application of economical type data center with a single cabinet. The cabinets find a wide range of applications from IT installs to data center facilities where instant delivery and costs are the vital parameters for decision making. These read to deploy cabinets are available in different sizes and in different doors. They have fully adjustable equipment rails with proper RU markings. They have a durable power coating in White and Black.

The cabinets have lockable and removable full-height side panels with cable entry holes on the top and the bottom. They include a vertical cable manager and adjustable levelling castors & feet. For high density vented doors, the ventilation rate is over 60%. They are shipped flat pack or fully assembled. The front door is a tempered glass door with a high density open vented door.

Structured Cabling

When it comes to telecommunications, we handle design, installation, and maintenance of custom structured wiring systems for organizations of all sizes.

Cabling design and installation use CAT cables and modular sockets are used for data or voice communications while wiring data centers, offices, and apartment buildings. Our horizontal cable wiring techniques enable centralized telecom connectivity that is easier for the organizations to manage. We have a long history of successful structured cabling work and you can rely on us for the best services.

Fiber Cabling

The increased demand for high-speed broadband internet access has driven businesses around the globe to set out on a hunt for experienced and reliable partners for end-to-end fiber network solutions.

FTTx brings a quad-play signal from a service provider to the subscriber, be it a home (FTTH), building (FTTB), node (FTTN), or desk (FTTD) network. ConvoSync is your best choice when it comes to PON or active electronics and end-to-end passive infrastructure.

We have experts in OSP / ISP copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructure who are well-qualified and well-equipped to design, install, splice and test all types of fiber and copper cabling with state-of-the-art tools and high-quality equipments.

IT Managed Services

Our ICT managed services works on a protocol that makes service delivery evaluation easier taking into account customer beliefs, forged with the collaboration between our partners and us. Presenting features like MOS scores, down services, network problems, downlinks, capacity violations & others.

Uncertainty of customer-service provider relationships can be confusing but with our intervention managed services, like security management & IT sourcing services have never been easier.

Managed Services
  • 1. Cloud Operations

  • 2. Infrastructure Management Services

  • 3. Windows Centric Design and Deployment

  • 4. Enterprise Network Design & Deployment

  • 5. Unix/Linux Centric Design & Deployment

  • 6. Business Continuity Services

  • 7. Virtualization, Storage Design & Deployment

  • 8. CMS Design & Deployment

  • 9. Data and System Management:-

    • • High Availability
    • • Disaster Recovery
    • • Migration

Servers and Storage

Today’s challenging businesses, reducing cost and service outage are fundamental to organization’s competitiveness. HA solutions and Server Consolidation in a wide range IT environment help organizations meet these challenges by achieving committed SLA and the desired QoS.

ConvoSync Solutions deliver the capabilities you need to meet today's need, while preparing you for the next stage of innovation: Cloud, Software-Defined Environments, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics & Decision Support.

Rising up to the arising technological demand is hectic, but not impossible. Server consolidation and HA solutions are made possible in environmental IT help organizations are done by reaching desired QoS and committed SLA. Cloud, AI, Software-defined environment, analytics & decision support or any other specific solutions you may need ConvoSync solutions can make it happen.

A server typically responds and acts according to the requests made by the client. Server can be a network or devices set up to control access to a network, send or receive e-mail, manage print jobs or host a website. Dedicated servers are often set up to carry out specific tasks – print servers, file servers, network servers, and database servers being examples while some shared servers take up multiple tasks.


  • Faster Provisioning & Deployment

    Tasks like system provisioning and deployment would be just a matter of minutes! Time consuming and mundane task will no longer be a headache.

  • Much Better Disaster Recovery

    ConvoSync offers you smooth transmission from one server to another with the aid of virtualization. In case of the risk of a disaster, the enhanced features we offer will automate the failover.

  • Reduced Service Costs

    The cloud computing method empowers one physical server to host multiple virtual machines.

  • Increased Productivity

    With this collaboration, you can cut back on maintenance costs drastically and invest the funds to boost productivity.

  • Storage (NAS & SAN)

    ConvoSync is a top provider of networked storage solutions which is customized to the client needs. Every start-up will grow big as they develop. And with that development you’ll require more storage space. The solutions we offer are sure to meet your needs – be it capacity, performance or availability requirements. You can rely on us for affordable and efficient storage solutions that can adapt to applications running in virtualized or non-virtualized environments.

  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

    NAS is a data storage method that assures tangle-free access to data in an IP networking environment. It’s very flexible for large to small scale business which has multiple users sharing tons of economical data. NAS systems don’t demand much support which makes it the perfect option for smaller organizations. These purpose-built specialized computer appliances are easy to deploy, manage and consolidate, which makes it a really good choice for the IT departments.

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

    SAN is capable of reorganizing the common user network into integrated block level data storage. SAN comprises of three components - cabling, host bus adapters (HBAs) and switches, which gives the conventional storage devices an upgrade. Centralized storage management, faster backups and rapid data migrations are some of the top advantages of using this storage method.

Virtualization Solution

Having similar aspects of cloud-based and API-driven applications, this method is most effective when it comes to product or service testing. Virtualization can bring in so many changes that would boost the performance of your organization. Ever wondered about why you need it? This can benefit your business in multiple ways by increasing IT agility, flexibility, and scalability and also helps you cut back on the costs.

It can also benefit you by increasing the server utilization rates in the data center. We can assist you in getting things done more efficiently by incorporating multiple workloads into a single machine. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg!

Our solutions can assist you in building an efficient, reliable and cost-effective virtualized infrastructure which promises high performance. Collaboration with VMware virtualization can ensure high availability, allocation of resources and automatic management of applications and hardware among other features.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

How can virtualizing business critical applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP benefit you? We’ll tell you how! Maximum use of hardware resources, acceleration of application mobility, easily server migration and adds an additional baseline availability.

Backup Solutions

If you want to keep your data safe, you should be ahead in the backup game. This ensures data recovery in case you face an issue of data loss. You can rely on backup software to transmit compressed data to a cloud server.

Backup software is designed for both personal and corporate use. The former backs up selected files and folders on the same system or drive whereas the latter does the same on a computer, server or node on a regular basis.

Software Defined Storage

The rise of the Software-Defined Data Centre promises to build on the progress of virtualization by completely abstracting every component of the data centre from its underlying hardware so that IT can truly deliver IT resources as customizable, on-demand services.

Software defined storage systems therefore, have the task of transforming physical storage systems into a simple, extensible and open virtual storage platform. The value proposition of the SDDC and cloud computing – easily consumed IT services, simple API access, and single management view – is now available for storage.

The agenda of rising software–defined data centers is to deliver custom-built it services & on-demand services. Hence possible through integrated facilities management services of hardware data center design of single components. Task of software development services is to change physical storage systems in to open virtual storage platforms which are easy, protractile. SDDC & cloud computing provides simple access API, single management view, etc.

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