Cyber Security Services

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management solutions empower the administrators to detect possible vulnerabilities and rectify the same as well as to evaluate the quality of IT security. Such measures can protect your organization from data breaches and thefts by:

  • 1. Tracking risks across the entire network

  • 2. Assuring security with end-to-end data encryption

  • 3. Integrated remediation and trouble-ticketing workflow

Secure Mobility

Technology has revised the employee strategy as a majority of employees today prefer to carry out most of the business communication and transactions through their personal gadgets. This global trend has motivated companies to reinforce their security policies and measures. ConvoSync can provide you effective secure mobility solutions, to help your organization’s mobility management to meet contemporary security needs. This can benefit you in boosting the productivity of the mobile users, reducing network maintenance and communication costs, improving overall organizational responsiveness, and supporting the overall unified communications program.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced targeted attacks, advanced malware, unknown malware and zero-day threats are some of the new cybersecurity concerns. These threats can go unnoticed for a long time while they secretly feed on important information. Once the malware enters the corporate environment, tracking them down becomes a hard task. Such malware commonly targets organizations or nations for business or political motives.

This is where you need Advanced Threat Protection solutions to resist such malware attacks on IT resources. You can rely on our easy-to use endpoint forensics and incident response capabilities to rid of the malware rather effortlessly.

Endpoint Control & Security

Network security is a dire necessity for all organizations – small or big to prevent unauthorized access to information. Ever since the internet and wireless technologies have taken over, the chance of exposure to risks has heightened. This calls in for security measures that go past firewalls and anti-viruses. ConvoSync can offer you the finest security services. Our endpoint security mechanisms dive in to effectively control internal network endpoints and provide solutions that include two kinds of suspicious detection:

  • 1. Suspicious File Detection – detects the commonly found malware characteristics in files.

  • 2. Suspicious Behavior Detection – detects the commonly found behavior exhibited by malware affected files.

Email & Web Security

The current world IT scenario calls for top cybersecurity companies to rise up to the challenge. Companies are more prone to cyber attackers. ConvoSync is the esteemed partner of many top cybersecurity companies to aid you with all-around web and email security. Our services observe traffic inbound & outbound also blocking threats you may encounter online.

ConvoSync email & web security include:

  • 1. Email security configuration

  • 2. Security optimization service

  • 3. Security design & planning service

  • 4. Web security configuration

Network Security & Design

Providing the best security to your customer will be your top priority and we ConvoSync aids you in organizing & carry out network security. We analyze risks, network assets, and derive security planning, laying security procedures, and molding technical staff while keeping you updated while always providing customer services like customer support, maintenance & warranty. Our popular amenities include layered architecture with WAN optimization solutions, layered application security, content solutions, web & email solutions, and others backed by traders like Cisco and Juniper Networks.

Services provided include:

  • 1. Security technology

  • 2. Layered security architecture

  • 3. Network security design methodology

Enterprise Security Solutions

We being an integrated facilities management service brings you enterprise security solutions that is targeted to amalgamate different aspects of your business. Hence done by processing all info from the areas related to the databases, delivering real-time operating information to managers also placing mission-critical data open to the organization.

Our network enterprise solutions are viable for any type of consumer providing them real-time IT management. We provide cloud application monitoring boosting existing successful suite products. Hence arranging application performance management & real-time network activity for the IT industry.

Network Auditing

  • Mobile & LTE Monitoring

    ConvoSync provides a single solution for end-to-end mobile and LTE network monitoring. It correlates Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) data for voice, video, and data services to report a more meaningful metric: Quality of Application (QoA) as experienced by customers. ConvoSync also validates all the transport, handoff, connection, and data transfer events that enable mobile communications.

    Holistic service assurance with complete visibility into customer experience enables faster diagnosis of the issues that diminish it. More importantly, ConvoSync mobile monitoring solutions identify trends and predict failures before they happen. The cost savings are significant.

  • VoIP Fixed Line Monitoring

    ConvoSync predicts future trends & oversees entire VoIP monitoring via single architecture. It amalgamates QoS & QoE for data services, data for video & voice applied to a metric QoA enhancing customer experience.

    ConvoSync offers customers services like end-to-end monitoring, better compliance reporting via (SLAs) service legal agreement. We provide quick diagnosis & full customer experience exposure, low cost for fixed-line issues, and meticulous VoIP troubleshooting.

  • IVR Monitoring

    We ConvoSync provide excellent IVR monitoring facilities for customers by both active & passive which tackle issues prior to reach. Combat IVR response delays, wrong menu options, distorted speech, etc. IVR monitoring is delivered from a single view as a part of an end-to-end solution for all contact center system aspects like SBC, routing, agent desktop, voice response, and so on.

  • Contact Centre Monitoring

    ConvoSync brings to you ICT solutions for contact center monitoring by end-to-end monitoring with active & passive CC monitoring techniques. Avail voice, video & data quality analysis providing you adapt info of multichannel solutions from agent-customer and vice versa. Now monitor & diagnose difficult contact center environment promising you better customer experience & higher service run.

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