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Individual Aluminum Elements Ensure Secure Containment Hot And Cold Aisles

If you operate a brownfield data center which contains cabinets from various suppliers, our system allows you to contain the enclosures without buying new ones. You can even freely define the height in which we will place the top cover on the robust, custom-made aluminum frame that will be mounted to the different cabinets.

Gaps within a row

We also use our custom-made aluminum frames in case of gaps within a row or in case of rows of different length. The frames are mounted between the cabinets and provide a high quality climate barrier. This means, cold aisles are consistently separated from surrounding warm areas, and vice versa.

Vertical containment

Vertically attached partition elements enable containment up to the ceiling. With warm aisle containment, this makes it possible to create a recirculation plenum for the cooling units with a hung ceiling. The air conditioning circuit in the data centre is thus closed without enabling the warm and cold air to mix

Vertical containment used for partition

This solution is frequently used for computer rooms with only one row of cabinets. The vertical containment functions as a partition between the warm-air-area behind the cabinets and the cold-air-area in front of them. Independent of the type of air conditioning (raised-floor or in-row air-conditioning) the cooling system cools the air and leads it from the warm-air-area of the room to the cold-air-area in the front.

Integrated containment

If there is little space available, integrated containment with containers fitted directly to the racks offers the ideal solution. Besides the low surface area, there is an additional advantage in that the cold air zones do not need to be accessed during maintenance work. Employees are thus exposed to fewer temperature fluctuations when working in the data centre.

Here is our process for the deployment:

  1. Professional measurement: Equipped with the latest measuring technology, we take a reliable and error-free measurement of your data centre in the shortest time. Only a few minutes are needed per corridor without further questions cropping up later. The measurement is so detailed that even the smallest things such as pipes and cables are taken into account.
  2. Customized manufacturing: We leave nothing to chance: a precise 3D model of the housing is created first in dialogue with you. This allows you to ensure that everything meets your preferences, even before delivery. The components are then manufactured quickly in our modern manufacturing hall according to your requirements.
  3. Perfect final assembly: Our trained fitters complete the final assembly in no time. Service takes priority for us, and only when you are completely satisfied with everything do we consider our job done.

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