Quality Services

Quality Services

ConvoSync is committed to boost the organizational effectiveness of our customers by providing quality, optimal and integrated IT Solutions and Services.

Plannning & Strategy

Plannning & Strategy

ConvoSync Solutions are fuelled by proper planning and strategy. All our services include rigorous planning, training and testing phases.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals are dedicated to providing quality service to our esteemed clients in order to help them stay ahead of the game.

ConvoSync Solutions

Who We Are


Being a System Integrator, ConvoSync is committed to boosting the organizational effectiveness of its customers by efficiently providing cost-effective, optimal, and integrated IT solutions and services. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction with excellence in services. Helping our clients get the most out of their investments in technology infrastructure remains our top priority.


What offer you is the very best that the systems integration industry has to offer!


Our field of expertise includes ICT Solution, Telecom Infrastructure, Mobility Solution, Managed Services and resources, Digital Infrastructure, Data Center Solutions, FTTx Service, Structured Cabling, Network Security Provider, VOIP Service, SEO, Web Development & Project Management.

Who We Are - Being a System Integrator, ConvoSync is committed to boost the organizational effectiveness of its customers

System Integration & Design Services

Enhance your business with our synchronized solutions.


Where do we place us

ConvoSync is a trustworthy name among the top system integrator & design solutions company in the region. With a team of dedicated technical professionals who offer the best services, ConvoSync remains a leading system integrator & design solutions company in the global market.


Our client base spreads across sectors like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Hospitality, and NGO. Our unique personalized services driven by customer requirements, expectations, and budget are what make us stand out!

Our Solutions

We combine the latest technologies with original in-house designs to develop customized and advanced solutions to meet the client requirements. ConvoSync offers solutions such as ICT Solutions, Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions.

ICT Solutions - We provide ICT solutions

ICT Solutions

We provide ICT solutions such as Converged Infrastructure, Server consolidation, Unified Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Storage and SAN Storage.

ICT Solutions

Data Centre Infrastructure

We provide Data Centre solutions such as Data Center Design, Build Up & Support, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Management and facilities scuh as UPS, Raise floor ,Containment, etc.

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer solutions such that include Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Services - create highly-available, infinitely-scalable cloud applications and API’s, Azure Active Directory - synchronize on-premises directories and enable single sign-on.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Our Services

ConvoSync has been a constant name among the top system integrators. If you’re on a lookout for the best ICT solutions provider or intercom ICT solutions, we’re the ones to call!  As experienced system integrators, design and technology services are also fall under our field of expertise. With a long list of satisfied customers, we have proven our excellence in IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, ELV services, Integrated Building Management, GIS, Web & Software Development, Technical Training, and much more. We provide you with the best IT facility management services and ICT solutions.

IT Infrastructure - We provide IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure

We provide IT Infrastructure Solutions such as Passive Infrastructure, Structured Cabling, OSP, FTTx Fiber Cabling, etc.

IT Infrastructure
Cyber Security - We provide Cyber Security services

Cyber Security

We provide Cyber Security services such as Advanced Security for Business, Advanced Threat Protection, Endpoint Control & Security, Network Audit & Monitoring, Email & Web Security, Network Security & Design, etc.

Cyber Security
Managed Services-Customer-service provider relationships are unpredictable at best – with Convosync reliable IT Managed Services and IT Sourcing Services

Managed Services

We provide Managed services such as Infrastructure Management Services, Windows, UNIX/Linux centric Design & Deployment, CMS Design & Deployment, Data and System Management, Managed Web Services, etc.

Managed Services
ELV Services- We provide ELV Services

ELV Services

We provide ELV services such as KNX Lightning Control System, Fire Alarm System, Access control System, Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV), Public address & Voice Alarm System, Integrated Security Management System, etc.

ELV Services
IBMS-Convosync offers ultimate IBMS solutions

IBMS Services

We provide IBMS services such as Coalesced Integration will all Protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, IEC, Melsec,etc), Integrated Alarm supervision, Interface with asset management, Unified monitoring and controlling, Remote Administration, Centralized collection of live data, etc.

Integrated Building Management Systems
GIS Services - We provide GIS services

GIS Services

We provide GIS services such as Custom geospatial and GIS development, Data capture and conversion, Geoprocessing and geocoding, GIS database design, 3D GIS mapping and modeling, etc.

GIS Services

IP Telephony Services

We provide IP Telephony services such as Unified Communication, Call & Contact center Solutions, Messaging, Voice and Non-Voice Support Solutions, Customer Feedback Solutions, etc.

IP Telephony Services
Web & Software Development services

Web & Software Development

We provide Web & Software Development services such as Website Design & Development, Web Application Development, Software Development, e-Commerce Systems, Accounting and Billing Systems, etc.

Web & Software Development Services
We provide Technical Training services

Technical Training

We provide Technical Training services such as Customized Training Solutions - Business, Individuals, Government & NGO, GIS Training, VMWare products training, DCIM Training, Network & Cybersecurity Training, etc.

Technical Training

We focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Have a look at our latest projects.


Our Process


Requirements Collection, Planning & Analysis

This is the first phase of seeking out client requirements and developing a project plan.

Design & Implementation

In this phase, we run a trial by designing and implementing the proposed project.

Testing, Integration & Maintenance

The plan is finally put into action after vigorous testing. Meanwhile, necessary maintenance plans are proposed throughout the operation cycle.

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