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IP Telephony Services

The IP Telephony services that ConvoSync offers you can provide you with unified communication, messaging, voice and non-voice support solutions, call and contact center solutions, customer feedback solutions and much more. Communications solutions are sure to tackle any hindrances in the growth of an organization.

Take a look at few of our collaboration solutions:-


Interactive voice response technologies can help reduce the manual effort while dealing with the customers. You no longer have to invest human effort in telecommunications as IVR technologies can make computers capable enough to do the job. This is done via telephone keypad, speech recognition and IVR dialogue. The computer system would be made efficient to direct users and assist them.

Unified Communication

The top-level security and flexibility that unified communication promises makes it the best preference for both private and government organization. You have the privilege of using any communication mode you like, swiftly shift from voice to chat, email or file transfer – all guarded with top security measures.

ConvoSync can provide you the best of unified communication and collaboration solution by incorporating telephony into your current communication infrastructure. This will accelerate your workflow and ensure commercial benefits. The security measures can be heightened by restricting the access to a limited group or staff.

Call Center and Contact Center

A call center is a partly computer-automated hub to assist customers whereas a contact center looks over the whole Relationship Management (CRM). The former keeps a track of only a limited data at a time while the latter handles all the customer history. Both are dire necessities for companies with high level customer interaction. ConvoSync can offer you mid-market contact and call center solutions in accordance with your existing system, with services like system integration, CC Supervision, CC Distribution, CC Outbound, CCIVR, CTI and integration along with CRM tools.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is considered as the future of enterprise voice communications. What makes IP based voice system so efficient? Lower cost, increased flexibility, improved usability, and manageability are some of the key factors. This can empower organizations to shift to commodity computing platforms with relatively lower expenditure.

With the IP telephony services offered by ConvoSync, you don’t have to re-develop your network infrastructure from scratch. We can provide voice services that can adapt to your existing system. IP telephony feature has Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which offers voice over IP phone system, unified and differentiated communication, simplified deployment and management, and interoperable open architecture.