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Finance & Banking

The industries providing finance and banking services are glimpsing unparalleled forces of change from stern regulations to fierce competition following ever-transforming customer needs. To boost customer loyalty and augmented functional efficiency, the financial organizations are looking to execute the best Banking IT services. ConvoSync is a trusted technology partner for a significant number of Financial and Banking service organizations. We provide Web and Mobile Development Services for customized web applications that provide your customers with seamless banking experience. Our team offers solutions focusing on your digital adoption with cloud enablement for building up infrastructure and cybersecurity for the protection of services. Enterprise performance management challenges are on a surge in the finance & banking sector. Technology-enabled performance management focuses on improving the performance of the organization & the individuals and maximizing employee development. With the use of this growing technology, many businesses are experiencing a boost to their productivity which necessitates the need for enterprise performance management.

Oil & Gas

The pace of change in the oil & gas sector is increasing with the onset of the digital revolution. ConvoSync offers comprehensive solutions and services to the companies dealing in the oil and gas sector for enhancing the digital customer experience.

We help you attain your business goals through Cloud Computing Services. You can conduct real-time monitoring, improve security & safety, and optimize operations with our end-to-end IoT solutions. Use digital maps through our GIS services that make your company cost-efficient.

We provide Digital Management Solutions for real-time incident management and our Cybersecurity Services to protect your financial assets.


In the digital age, business agility is one of the prerequisites of telecom operator success. ConvoSync offers a vast array of professional IT services. Our end-to-end solutions increase efficiency, foster innovations, and drive cost reductions through a comprehensive approach. We provide Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for storage and easy access to data.

Our IT Infrastructure Services include OSP and Telecom Distribution System. You will have an exceptional experience locating the regions with ease of access through our GIS services. We assess your communication requirements and come up with a customized solution for it. So, give your business a competitive advantage with our customized telephony services that are equally affordable.


IT services in the healthcare sector evolve at a high pace with mobile applications revolutionizing the industry for business management.

We bridge the gap that remains between you and technology and pave the way to turn your dreams into technology that cuts down the competition.

Our Cloud Infrastructure offers you access to the patient's information and records while protecting it with Cybersecurity Services. Our IP telephony services enhance the communication between you and your patients while the high-end software solutions provide technologies to achieve health equity with the help of healthcare app developers. Our team provides your healthcare app development solutions for recording, analyzing, and sharing patient information.

Government & NGOs

ConvoSync enables government organizations to streamline the processes and infrastructure, manage human resources in a better way, enhance efficiency & productivity, and utilize allocated budgets optimally.

We provide a platform for the government to easily connect with its citizens and enhance accountability and transparency. Our team delivers facilitated and well-equipped data centers to our customers.

Our Cloud Infrastructure services provide assistance to the NGOs and government for the storage of data in a cost-effective manner that inculcates speedy delivery of the varying digital services.


Comfort level is the prime requisite for anybody who lives in a building. It is crucial that you have the right BMS to meet your requirements. IBMS solutions have become an essential implementation in industries and buildings of any nature.

ConvoSync partners with the best industry leaders when it comes to providing the best IBMS solutions to their esteemed customers.

Through IBMS, we offer services for Lighting Control, HVAC Control, water management systems, elevator interface, and other utility management systems. With these services, you have the facility management solutions and safety & security systems fastened up for providing you full control of the building.

Transport & Aviation

The aviation and transport GIS solutions at ConvoSync help to manage the complicated systems efficiently. Managing the daily operations of transport and airlines is an arduous challenge.

Our Transport Management System (TMS) solutions lessen the workload and bring high returns on investment (ROI).

This results in great savings on freight services. We help engineer a system that includes well-integrated modules for route and delivery optimization, carrier management, and freight payment.

Energy & Environment

ConvoSync accelerates your time-to-market with cloud-enabled solutions. With the development of cloud technology, environment & energy practices have evolved into remote management with the use of cloud services for visualization, analytics, and machine learning.

We provide IoT solutions for energy & environment markets to make data integration easy and smart data management.

IoT devices reveal the operation status of the facilities and machines for efficient remote management. With a robust design, our services fulfill the needs of multiple applications while bridging the gap between IT and OT.


ConvoSync services and solutions help the agriculture ecosystem to fulfill the potential. Analytics and technologies are bringing about a great transformation in agriculture that makes farm-field operations efficient. Digital-based agriculture services help to boost the yield and improve financial performance.

We combine digital technologies with visualization capabilities, analytics, and industry knowledge to help farmers increase profitability and productivity. We have the best, innovative solutions through the use of IoT for smart farming that captures the data.

IoT based remote sensing uses sensors for gathering data and transmitting it to the analytical tool for analysis. Our solutions help you gain insight for managing the farm operations and storing the data in the Cloud Software.