ELV Services

ELV Services

Our KNX lighting control based system is an innovative ELV service that provides an extra-low voltage system for commercial & residential buildings. Services like public address, fire alarm & voice alarm system, data center power infrastructures, CCTVs, integrated security management systems, etc. are provided.

Lightning Control System (LCS)

We bring you LCS which is a smart network based on KNX lighting control solution which consists of various input & output pertaining to lighting control associated with one or more central computing devices LCS are a part of both indoor & outdoor lighting for all building types.

KNX adhere to EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543, it’s a standardized OSI based network communication protocol intended for smart buildings. KNX association oversees standard administration. Gamma instabus mounted devices from Siemens for building control aids in smart ways for energy efficiency maximization. Gamma building control relies on KNX standard opted by more than 250 manufacturers. The European home systems protocol + the European installation bus (EIB or Instabus) merged to form the current standard KNX.

KNX lighting & control system gives lighting control, shading, cooling & heating optimizations. Being a partner Siemens brings room comfort & energy management by innovative solutions to the table.

Building Management System (BMS)

BMS or building automation system works in computer-based control systems that are installed in buildings that control & monitor both electrical & mechanical equipment’s. Our data center infrastructure management pioneers in integrating your building equities & mechanisms into the most suitable mode and places it in your target destination. Our systems standout by comfort & fortification and energy optimization.

  • 1. 3-way 2-way Motorized Valves
  • 2. Thermostats
    • a. Digital /Programmable Thermostat
    • b. Mechanical Thermostat
    • c. Industrial Type Thermostat
    • d. Room/Duct Thermostat
  • 3. DDC Panel
  • 4. PLC Panel
  • 5. Humidistats
  • 6. Custom Products
  • 7. Pre Engineered Products
  • 8. HVAC

Control Systems (CS)

A Control system is any device or devices that instructs and manages the conduct of another system or device. They are used in industrial production for regulating machines.

It Includes :

  • 1. Motor Starter
  • 2. Soft Start Controllers
  • 3. Variable Speed Drives & Controls
  • 4. Sewage Water Controls
  • 5. Food Processing
  • 6. Power Monitoring & Control Stations (PCMS)
  • 7. Pumping Station
  • 8. Agriculture

Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)

A fire alarm is a unit made of several devices, which uses visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage.

As far as the alarm system goes ours stand out by new technology, the sophistication of design and so on. Logical smoke detectors, manual call points, control panels & sounders are provided. Our alarm systems put forth profitable, steadfast series of fire detection services including addressable and conventional ones.

Access Control System (ACS)

ACS is a system responsible for the regulation of access & control to a system, facility/ environment.

Make your security strong by opting door entry intercom, we offer a wide range of merchandise to meet your need from plain audio-only two station systems to sleek door answering video intercoms. System Integrable with access control to specific application areas are available.

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

Video surveillance or CCTV as it’s called utilizes video cameras to capture the video and deliver it to a specific plane on a limited set of monitors.

CCTVs are helpful in surveillance and provide security. Your personalized security system can be availed as we specialize in consultation, integration & deployment of CCTVs linked to IP based networks. Our data storage & retrieval systems are coherent and secure.

Public Address & Voice Alarm System (PAS)

PAS (public address systems) are the sum of sound amplification & distribution system containing microphones, amplifiers & loudspeakers. The use of PAs varies from small venues like school auditoriums with a simple system to large venues concerts or commercial buildings with multi-speaker systems. As voice alarm and public address system providers, we can set up a custom system depending on your need.

Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)

Security threats are an ever looming impending reality. Organizations all over the world seek help of adept ISMS systems that can provide them with a very secure system. Our systems provide single user interface viewable alarms on all systems, ability to link access and any trespassing occurrences to video recordings. This can be very helpful in times of investigations reducing the requirement of man power.

Enterprise IP Video Surveillance System (EVSS)

The shift of video surveillance deployments from analog-based systems to IP based systems is mainly because of the various operational and technological advantages that IP has over analog. When thinking long term, IP can benefit you more than analog, even though the initial affordability of analog may seem like a better option.

Cable Television System (CTS)

Ever since their origin in the 1940s in the United States, cable television system has been constant even among growing technology. CTS usually distribute television signals via coaxial or fiber-optic cables which ensure lesser interference. They also comprise systems that distribute signals solely via satellite. So how do these cable systems work? They make use of the old-school community antenna to receive broadcast signals from satellites which are then redirected to the paid subscribers.

Audio Visual Systems (AVS)

Audiovisual systems are a tiny branch of technology that has grown to become an inevitable part of daily life. Be it housing, business, transportation, and other facilities or even switch places with smart structure machineries – AVS is a vital part of it all. Hence, we provide you with the finest AVS services. ConvoSync is committed to bringing to you, the latest and most innovative specialized digital products, teleconferencing, pedals, audiovisual system, and related services. This can benefit your organization by boosting its demonstration skills and workstation competence.

Electronics Visual Information Display System (EVIDS)

This innovative technology is commonly recognized as flat panel display used for the presentation of texts or images without keeping a permanent record of the same. Even though we rarely recognize it, EVIDS has become a commonly used technology for visual display in public places and other organizations – as a public address system.

Slave Clock System (SCS)

The digital master and slave clock system exist concurrently by obtaining time and time zone information from GPS or standalone high stability oscillator. Such a system provides a synchronized time data to all the devices connected to it in a particular location – be it organizations, power plants, industries, airports, railway stations or anywhere else. If the satellite signal does not reach, the master system shifts to free running mode where it uses its own RTC and oscillator. We’ll list some of the characteristics of this system:-

  • 1. Efficiency – zoned, supervised, automatically improved.
  • 2. Supervision in case of open-circuit or short-circuit line letdowns.
  • 3. Manual input of system variables for time, date, day, summertime switchover, etc. which can be further modified.
  • 4. Automation – summertime or wintertime switchover at preset time and date.

Security Door Intercom System (SDIS)

What do you think is the best way to keep your organization safe? Don’t let any possible threat get past the door! Door entry intercom is a security service offered by ConvoSync in collaboration with the world’s largest intercom manufacturer to offer you services ranging from simple audio-only two-station systems to sophisticated video door answering intercoms to suit your organization or residential. You can be sure of your safety with our high quality, modular, functional as well as attractive designs that grants you full control over your security.

Gate Management System (GMS)

A new product of innovation in technology – the Gate Management Software basically filters and restricts the access to a confined area. The system keeps a track of all the entries to the assigned destination and is even capable of controlling them. ConvoSync Solutions Gate Management System, following the intercontinental security ethics, presents Gate Blockades that assures steadfastness, horizontal and proficient maneuver demanding very less maintenance. You can choose the kind of service you want – stand-alone parts or a comprehensive GMS solution.

Master Antenna Television System (MATS)

MATS has two main components – the head end and the distribution system. Correct coordination and proper installation techniques of this system, as offered by ConvoSync, will enable high quality signal transmission. In order for the system to work efficiently, low noise level and a high signal level should be maintained – which is assured with our services.

Intruder Alarm System (IAS)

We all can agree with the fact that security measures are vital for residential, commercial, industrial and vehicle safety; even for military properties. ConvoSync is a proven and reliable voice alarm system provider. We offer you the best services when it comes to intruder alarm systems and voice alarm system to protect you and your properties from intruders and thefts.

Security Inspection Machines System (SIMS)

We provide high-energy X-ray imaging services for cargo screening system manufacturers. This technology is widely used in major cargo ports and other public transports to detect weapons, stowaways, drugs and all other illegal things.

Intelligent Office Automation System (IOAS)

Office automation is the right way of getting thing done within an instant. Give up on the manual ways of managing office information and digitally create, collect, store and organize the same with raw data storage, electronic transfer and automated methods.

Thermal Imaging and Gas Leak Detection System (TIGS)

Apart from the security, data center and raised floor system services that we offer, we have extended our field of expertise to other services like Thermal Imaging Fire Control System RADEW, specially designed for T-72 family tanks. This is a cost-effective modernization technique that’s sure to benefit you!.

Network Video Surveillance System (NVSS)

ConvoSync offers security services for organizations big or small that are customized to suit their requirements. Axis partner solutions provide customized and localized surveillance solutions to assure a secure working environment for organizations.

Vehicle Barriers System (VBS)

The security of our clients is the top priority at ConvoSync! We design high-quality electronic security solutions for the installation, to track the in and out the movement of vehicles.

Bollards & Post Lights System (BPLS)

With a durable polycarbonate lens, our LED bollards will prove to exceed your expectations regarding their life span and efficiency!.

Speed or Swing Access Gates System (SAGS)

You can consult us for any entrance gate requirements – be it domestic or commercial; as we offer the best of Speed or Swing Access Gates System and access control installers.