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Video surveillance or CCTV as it’s called utilizes video cameras to capture the video and deliver it to a specific plane on a limited set of monitors.

CCTVs are helpful in surveillance and provide security. Your personalized security system can be availed as we specialize in consultation, integration & deployment of CCTVs linked to IP based networks. Our data storage & retrieval systems are coherent and secure.

Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is a unit made of several devices, which uses visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage.

As far as the alarm system goes ours stand out by new technology, the sophistication of design and so on. Logical smoke detectors, manual call points, control panels & sounders are provided. Our alarm systems put forth profitable, steadfast series of fire detection services including addressable and conventional ones.

Access Control System

ACS is a system responsible for the regulation of access & control to a system, facility/ environment.

Make your security strong by opting door entry intercom, we offer a wide range of merchandise to meet your need from plain audio-only two station systems to sleek door answering video intercoms. System Integrable with access control to specific application areas are available.

Building Management System (BMS)

By collaborating both network controller (NCU) and direct digital controllers (DDC) technology, ConvoSync has come up with the best IBMS solutions for controlling the components of HVAC works like chilling machines, pumps, fans, etc. This can prove to minimize energy utilization and boost the economy.

  • 1. Bringing in electronic and electro-mechanical control over transducers, switches, and other peripheral devices.

  • 2. Station controllers powered by microprocessors to coordinate with field devices such as sensors, actuators, valves, and air-conditioning systems like chillers (AHUS), pumps, fan coil units (FCUS) among much more.

  • 3. One on one data exchange between individual station controllers.

  • 4. Creating a communication network link between the station controllers and the man-machine interface.

  • 5. Restricting the signal or control cable usage from field devices to DDC panels.

  • 6. Management.

Lighting Control System

We bring you LCS which is a smart network based on KNX lighting control solution which consists of various input & output pertaining to lighting control associated with one or more central computing devices LCS are a part of both indoor & outdoor lighting for all building types.

KNX adhere to EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543, it’s a standardized OSI based network communication protocol intended for smart buildings. KNX association oversees standard administration. Gamma instabus mounted devices from Siemens for building control aids in smart ways for energy efficiency maximization. Gamma building control relies on KNX standard opted by more than 250 manufacturers. The European home systems protocol + the European installation bus (EIB or Instabus) merged to form the current standard KNX.

KNX lighting & control system gives lighting control, shading, cooling & heating optimizations. Being a partner Siemens brings room comfort & energy management by innovative solutions to the table.

Gate Management System

A new product of innovation in technology – the Gate Management Software basically filters and restricts the access to a confined area. The system keeps a track of all the entries to the assigned destination and is even capable of controlling them. ConvoSync Solutions Gate Management System, following the intercontinental security ethics, presents Gate Blockades that assures steadfastness, horizontal and proficient maneuver demanding very less maintenance. You can choose the kind of service you want – stand-alone parts or a comprehensive GMS solution.

Intelligent Office Automation System (IOAS)

Office automation is the right way of getting thing done within an instant. Give up on the manual ways of managing office information and digitally create, collect, store and organize the same with raw data storage, electronic transfer and automated methods.

Intruder Alarm System (IAS)

We all can agree with the fact that security measures are vital for residential, commercial, industrial and vehicle safety; even for military properties. ConvoSync is a proven and reliable voice alarm system provider. We offer you the best services when it comes to intruder alarm systems and voice alarm system to protect you and your properties from intruders and thefts.

Public Address System

PAS (public address systems) are the sum of sound amplification & distribution system containing microphones, amplifiers & loudspeakers. The use of PAs varies from small venues like school auditoriums with a simple system to large venues concerts or commercial buildings with multi-speaker systems. As voice alarm and public address system providers, we can set up a custom system depending on your need.

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