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Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions

In order to battle it out in the contemporary world, it is important to rely on data center design companies like ConvoSync that can assist you in all your ICT related requirements and concerns. With centralized ICT operations, you can be sure of the seamless working or your organization. We offer you all kinds of data center services including raised access flooring, UPS, generators, web development services, software development services, racks, fire division frameworks, public address and voice alarm systems, water recognition, lighting control system and consistent maintenance administrations.
Data center can be considered as the foundation stone on which the entire corporate system is built upon. Everything from servers, switches and security controls to applications and the whole infrastructure is brought under one wing.

Data Center and Site Infrastructure

Data Center design should incorporate vital aspects like opting for the best partner who can induce the best construction and planning. We ConvoSync solutions can do just that, our special features include mission-critical facility experience, turn-key delivery & performance contracting which is a resource leveraging expertise & wholesome data center infrastructure supply chain for clients. Turnkey solutions for centralized, medium, or small includes features:-

1. Highly sensitive equipment’s aided with dynamic & static UPS.
2. Computer room air conditioning units (CRAC) with precision control available for PABX rooms, data centers, MDF/IDF rooms, telecom centers, etc.
3. Mega data center & server rooms smart power distribution units (PDU).
4. All site making of Project, design & consultancy systems for mega DC.
5. Commercial & data center technology chillers – mission control critical applications.
6. Temperature, humidity & water detection sensors recorder.
7. Monitoring system for data centers.
8. Hot/Cold aisle containment units for networks & mega DC with special high-density network racks.
9. Monitoring systems-CCTV, power & lighting system and access control
10. Disaster management systems (fire alarm, firefighting) for DC’s, server room, IT room, etc.

Software-Defined Datacenter

The rise of the Software-Defined Data Centre promises to build on the progress of virtualization by completely abstracting every component of the data centre from its underlying hardware so that IT can truly deliver IT resources as customizable, on-demand services.

Software defined storage systems therefore, have the task of transforming physical storage systems into a simple, extensible and open virtual storage platform. The value proposition of the SDDC and cloud computing – easily consumed IT services, simple API access, and single management view – is now available for storage.

The agenda of rising software–defined data centers is to deliver custom-built it services & on-demand services. Hence possible through integrated facilities management services of hardware data center design of single components. Task of software development services is to change physical storage systems in to open virtual storage platforms which are easy, protractile. SDDC & cloud computing provides simple access API, single management view, etc.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management simplifies data center management. It addresses many of the issues with legacy tools and offers capabilities & features to aid data center managers to make smarter decisions regarding the operations. It improves functionality for modern data center environments. It is easy, fast, and complete. We focus on the problems of our customers to help them overcome the areas needing improvement in modern software. DCIM provides the ability for the effective running of data center operations to the data center operators. This helps in improving data center infrastructure design and planning.

DCIM replaces homegrown databases and Excel. It bridges the information across varying organizational domains to increase the utilization of the data center. It constantly monitors critical infrastructure, collects, and reports on data while monitoring threshold violations. DCIM helps in the quick provision of new equipment and plan better for growth. This increases the operational efficiency with improved data center design.

Micro Data Center Solutions

As the need of the hour is a reliable IT environment, we offer Micro Data Center Solutions. These are all-in-one solutions developed by our experts to bring together the power distribution, housing, cooling, and mechanical infrastructure. These solutions offer a compact & complete server room with flexibility to make specific modifications for meeting the exact requirements. As your needs change, there are numerous accessories and options available for expanding the infrastructure. The system also allows for monitoring and is fully configured.

They are turn-key solutions that include installation and start-up. They are easy to deploy with no dependency on the building. Undoubtedly, they are efficient and reliable solutions for the server rooms. They promote the use of proven technologies. Intended to relieve the managers, the solutions are an ideal choice for small & medium-sized companies. The solutions are cost-effective and offer energy-efficient housing for IT infrastructure.

Aisle Containment Solutions

ConvoSync Solutions offer a wide variety of Aisle Containment Solutions for varying customers and indoor applications. The solutions include both Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solutions. Hot Aisle Containment and Cold Aisle Containment optimize the cold air usage and improve the airflow within the data centers & IT environments. Our solutions suit all the needs of the customers and any budgets which can be modified to fit any cabinet configuration. The solutions can be designed according to the requirements of height, depth, width, aisle layout, alignment, and floor space.

The systems allow the data center to become a large cold air or hot air return plenum. They enhance the data center cooling efficiency and help to extend the life of IT equipment. These solutions reduce cooling energy costs and eliminate static & humidity issues. They also eliminate cold and hot airflow patterns from mixing and find their applications in server and datacomms rooms.

Modular & Container Data Centers

The Modular Data Solutions & Container Data Solutions resolve the logistical and environmental challenges & constraints. We have the in-house expertise necessary to help you deploy these solutions whether you want to deploy a data center in a location, need a self-sufficient facility in terms of cooling & power, or have a short time frame. There is increasing popularity for these solutions amongst all types of organizations. These solutions enable them to use space for brick & mortar data centers and deploy a temporary facility with relative ease.

We have the ability to match solutions according to the requirements of the corporate. We understand the need for different systems and their relevance for specific projects. We help you select a solution that matches your requirements after establishing a crisp understanding of the constraints and specific drivers of the projects. With changing IT environments, a modular solution is the right approach to match the needs of Modular & Container Data Solutions.

Hyper Converged

Hyper convergence delivers simplification and savings by consolidating all required functionality into a single infrastructure and proven building block for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). With the power of a whole SAN in just two rack units, they provide a simple, cost effective hyper-converged solution for a wide variety of applications and workloads. The Hyper Convergence Appliances deliver resiliency, QoS, and centralized management functionality enabling faster, better, and simpler management of consolidated workloads, virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure.

Hyper convergence is a building block of SDDC because it’s simple and savings oriented by consolidation to a single infrastructure. Appliances of hyper convergence enable prompter, easier organization of integrated workloads by providing QoS, centralized management functionality and pliability. Two rack units incorporated full SAN provides advantageous hyper-converged solution for all variety workloads.