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Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

ConvoSync is one among the top reliable data center solution providers. A shift to centralized ICT operations has been the recent trend among business organizations. As a data center company, we are here to offer you complete ICT solutions. Our services include Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Services and Azure Active Directory among much more. Take a deeper look at what this can offer you:

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

Make the most out of your hardware resources without draining out the application performance capability. You applications can easily be adapted to server changes, thus increasing their mobility.

Here are some of the most reliable business critical applications:

1. Microsoft Sharepoint.
2. Oracle Database.
3. Microsoft SQL Server.
4. SAP.

Virtualization Management

This innovative IT technology of virtualization incorporates different aspects that bring together more cost-effectiveness to IT tasks. A sustainable datacenter design is now made possible through VM ware virtualization, which brings not just dependability & performance but also automate resource management, dynamic resource allocation & peak availability.

What can VMware assist you with?

1. Business continuity
2. Cost savings
3. Cloud computing
4. Disaster recovery
5. Green IT and energy efficiency
6. Virtualization management

Microsoft Volume Licensing and Services

The Microsoft offered service for organizations in need of multiple licenses as a volume license key (VLK) restricts the user to a fixed number of installations. This grants you access to much of the services that are not typically included with the full packaged product (FPP).

Microsoft 365

ConvoSync offering integrated facilities management services presents the complete package of Office 365, Windows 10, and enterprise mobility + security to efficiently organize everything under one wing.

Microsoft Azure

A cloud-computing service that offers tons of solutions related to analytics, storage, virtual computing, networking and much more. In fact, it provides infinite possibilities for you to explore.

Azure comes with a set of integrated tools to develop, manage and host applications through our global datacenter networks. By incorporating much features from mobile DevOps to server less computing, it’s users are offered much freedom to build the way they want – be it simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions. Azure can assist you in creating data-driven, intelligent apps. The fact that it supports a wide range of operating systems, languages, frameworks, databases & and devices makes it all the more efficient.

Amazon Web Services

We provide AWS cloud service which is world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Global network of AWS makes it more agile, most flexible and secure cloud computing. Our bespoke solutions through detailed assessment and planning modules makes us the fastest growing and leader in AWS platform management.