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COVID-19 Impact On The Goals Of Chief Information Officers


The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a paradigm shift in the lives of all. In these unprecedented times, organizations are striving hard to merely survive and prevent their business from falling to a cipher. There is a complete transformation in the ways we work and communicate to earn our bread & butter. As a result of the deadly virus, the situation forces most of the IT leaders to shift their goals of this year.

What Do The Reports Suggest?

As per reports of a survey, Chief Information Officers or CIOs and organizations are altering their priorities to accommodate the unsettled cybersecurity landscape. The early initiatives have been forced to shift as the outbreak of the pandemic lead to lockdowns and affected the economies across the globe.

The Change In The Numbers

Over 70 percent of the respondents have changed their short-term as well as their long-term priorities for the remaining year. Around 90 percent of the people have cybersecurity as their first priority. Apart from this, nearly 70 percent of the respondents have set cybersecurity as a long-term goal. Cybersecurity is a vital element of the 'new normal'. Irrespective of the industry, the change in the businesses is at a pace that the organizations need to address and stay ahead of the risk of cybe

The Pitfalls

As cybersecurity is the priority right now, the other things are being considered less. There is a reduced focus on training & hiring, hardware refreshes, security awareness, and on-site infrastructure. Sooner or later, we can expect these aspects to restore their priority as organizations focus on new areas for priority.

Emphasis On Access Management

CIOs are now emphasizing on access management, endpoint security, and security awareness training. These things ensure cybercriminals are unable to break in. With the onset of the pandemic, cybercriminals are focusing on social engineering, phishing attacks, stolen credentials, and business email compromise. As a result, most of the organizations that included access management in a long-term plan are making this their topmost priority. Cybersecurity is critical for organizations and they are in


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