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Credential Stuffing Explained


The biggest loopholes are the passwords. People use easy-to-guess passwords like their date of birth, their favorite pet, or the name of their spouse. This is basically because such passwords are easier to remember than other unique passwords. Most of the people often set the same password for every website. When the password you set is compromised on one platform, and the attacker attempts to use the password on other platforms so as to monetize the list of passwords, it is credential stuffing. Even if you have two-factor authentication enabled, they will find a way to crack your password.

Types Of Attacks On The Passwords

Before establishing the knowledge of Credential Stuffing, it is imperative to have an idea about the various types of attacks that attackers use. Types of attacks on the passwords are Dictionary attack , Password spraying attack , Bruteforce attack, Phishing attack, Credential Stuffing Attack.

Does Credential Stuffing Mean Cybersecurity Breach?

Credential stuffing is neither a compromise, not a breach. You must use unique passwords for each site that you use to limit the value if comprised. Most of the administrators reduce the life of credentials. You can use your password for a limited time if it is compromised. Attackers usually target the accounts of those who do not change their password easily to avoid remembering the new password. Credential Stuffing affects your tendency to reuse passwords. It is not a breach even when it impacts thousands of accounts. It sheds some light on the need for two-factor authentication.

Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Credential Stuffing Attack

To avoid a Credential Stuffing attack, you can try unique passwords for every site, choose stronger passwords, perform corporate password audits, leverage a password manager, or try two-factor authentication.


Credential Stuffing is a common problem for everyone, but you can protect your business with proper controls. Two-factor authentication reduces the effectiveness of your passwords. The team at ConvoSync Solutions explores past password breaches for Penetration testing. We interrupt any opportunity that the attacker might use to obtain unauthorized access to the data of your organization.