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Cybersecurity For Operational Technology


Cybersecurity is a common term for businesses. However, some are unaware of what it actually means. Cybersecurity is nothing but the technologies that protect data & networked equipment from attacks and unauthorized access. There is a surge in security breaches of software, network equipment, and data with the increasing interconnectivity of the world. Gone is the time when information technology teams were responsible for the protection of data and software. With the introduction of more device

Sneek Peek Into Operational Technology

It is a software or hardware responsible for controlling processes or physical devices like factories in specific environments. OT systems are now integrated and interconnected with other IT systems. With an increase in cyberattacks on IT networks and the occurrence of more integrations of OT systems, the vulnerabilities multiply and there is an increase in the attack surface of OT networks. One must properly maintain OT systems for minimizing downtime because a lack of routine maintenance incre

System Protection

To protect the systems, one must look at components connected to the network and determine the implementation of the manufacturer's cybersecurity recommendations. IT organizations have several options for network protection like network behavior monitoring, intrusion detection, whitelisting, and log monitoring. Apart from this, they can also protect the network with firewall and network inspections. They can monitor accounts and keep track of the person having access to the data. Encrypting the